Library plus was founded in 2000 as an NGO, aiming to realize formerly established program package for librarians and libraries, as well as for similar institutions and their employees. All programs consist different forms of research, education and training in order to motivate, innovate and improve professional work in memory institutions in the transitional environments marked by emerging e-services and market orientation.

From 2001 on, near 1000 Serbian and Montenegrin librarians from all library types took part in various programs of the School Library Plus: courses, workshops, round tables, research projects.

Main sources of innovation are: studies of the youth culture, analysis of contemporary societal trends and new social demands from cultural institutions, discussions on contested social issues, deciphering of media communication and manipulation in forming public opinion.

The Association creates and realizes various project in its fields of interest and gathers researchers and professionals to work in research, professional and educational projects. It organizes professional gatherings, conferences, seminars and other forms of continuous education.

Library Plus builds cooperation with various organizations from Serbia and Montenegro: Clio Publishing house, universities and faculties, national and city libraries, Serbian Library Association and School Library Association, museums, theaters and cultural centers, Yugoslav film Archive, library of the Goethe-Institut from Belgrade and editorial boards of two cultural magazines.

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