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Evaluation of local workshops, November-December 2015

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Baselines for MIL strategy 2016-2020

IMP.ME_logo  One aim of the UNESCO Participation project “MIL – strategy and training” was design of policy document  that will serve as a template for formulation of  strategy of spreading MIL through the network of public and school libraries in Montenegro.

Nominated by director of the National library of Montenegro, Ms Jelena Djurovic, the Working group consisting of representatives of the ministries for culture and information society, as well as of the National Institute for Education and the NLM was working on the Baselines for MIL Strategy during 2015. Final text is available from the link below.

Strategija_ IMP_ FINAL

UNESCO Handbooks Published by the NLM

In order to facilitate and advocate MIL, during the “MIL – Stategy and Training” project the NLM and Library Plus translated  and published two UNESCO handbooks: “MIL – Guidelines for Policy and Strategy” and “MIL – Curriculum for Teachers”.


Both books were published under CC license that allows free access and fair use, and can be downloaded from the NLM website.

Closing Ceremony of the “MIL – Strategy and Training” Project

On December 23rd in the Montenegrin Ministry of culture in Cetinje, the National Commision for UNESCO and the NLM organised closing ceremony of the “MIL – Strategy and Training” project that was supported through UNESCO Participation 2014/2015 Programme.

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Local Workshops “MIL in libraries and schools”

Плакат радионице
Workshop poster

Еducative part of the NLM’s “MIL – Strategy and Training” project supported through UNESCO Particpation 2014/2015 Programme took place in nine Montenegrin cities in the form of local workshops. Continue reading

The First Workshop in Cetinje, April 20th 2015

On Monday, April, 20th in the National library of Montenegro “Đurđe Crnojević“ in Cetinje was held the workshop „MIL in library and school – training the trainers“.

SAM_1053It is part of the National library’s „MIL – Strategy and Training“ project, supported by UNESCO through its Participation 2014/2015 Program. In order to achieve the project goals the Library partnered with Montenegrin ministries of culture, education and information society, as well as with the NGO Library Plus from Belgrade.

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National library of Montenegro started the “MIL – Strategy and education” project

Information and media literacy is acquisition of knowledge and skills to use information and media, created as a response to the challenges of the time in which information multiplication and dissemination of media have reached unexpected proportions. Information Literacy was created within the library and information profession, as greatly expanded and modernized practice of library users’ education in order to simplify their navigation through its extensive funds and catalogs, while media literacy emerged within the study of media. By the beginning of the new millennium, these two practices have been studied separately. However, information and media are in the inseparable relation because the information without the media is an abstraction, and media without information is a meaningless technique. In recent years, holistic approach to these areas has been dominant, and it has strengthen the term “information and media literacy” (MIL). UNESCO has significantly contributed to this change by its activities and declarations, mainly through the IFAP (Information for All) program.

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ИМП у Црној Гори

У четвртак, 6. марта 2014. у мултимедијалној сали црногорског Министарства културе на Цетињу одржано је представљање предлога Стратегије ширења информационе и медијске писмености кроз мрежу библиотека. Continue reading