Closing Ceremony of the “MIL – Strategy and Training” Project

On December 23rd in the Montenegrin Ministry of culture in Cetinje, the National Commision for UNESCO and the NLM organised closing ceremony of the “MIL – Strategy and Training” project that was supported through UNESCO Participation 2014/2015 Programme.

After greetings and introductory addressing by Marija Raznatovic, secretary of the National UNESCO Commission and Jelena Djurovic, director of the NLM, coauthors and coordinators of the project, Gordana Ljubanovic and Vesna Kovacevic, presented a brief  resume of the project activities.

Dr Dusanka Popovic (National Educational Institute), Borka Vukovic (Ministry of Culture) and Vanja Lazarevic (Ministry for information society and telecommunications) – members of the Working group that produced “Baselines for the strategy of spreading MIL through libraries” – shared their experiences and impressions with the audience.

Three local workshops leaders who were evaluated as the best by their colleagues participants (Natasa Borovic from Bar, Marija Iritano from Berane and Nikola Latkovic from Cetinje) spoke about their experiences in this projects and plans for future activities.

Guests had a privilege to be the first to see documentary and promotional film about the project, as well as to take with them copies of “Baselines for the strategy of spreading MIL through libraries” and promotional gifts.

On the Montenegrin Institute for Education website there is a detailed report on this meeting.

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