Local Workshops “MIL in libraries and schools”

Плакат радионице
Workshop poster

Еducative part of the NLM’s “MIL – Strategy and Training” project supported through UNESCO Particpation 2014/2015 Programme took place in nine Montenegrin cities in the form of local workshops. Workshops in Kotor (4th November),  Pljevlja (11th November), Cetinje (16th November), Bar (23rd November), Herceg Novi (26th November), Niksic (30th November), Podgovrica (1st December), Berane (8tg December) and Mojkovac (9th December) were organized and conducted by participants of the initial workshop and with mentoring and presence of one project coordinator. there were 156 locala participants in total: public and school librarians, teachers and representatives of local  governments.

according to the evaluation analysis, the average mark of all workshops is 9.28 (on a scale 1-10).  62% of participants think that workshops’ demands were optimal and 38% found them too hard (on a scale 1-5). Only 3 of 156 participants said that demands were lesser than expected. These results indicate that the chosen topic is interested and well prepared and presented, and that the audience did not have significant previous knowledge about it.

NLM has accredited the seminar  “MIL – the key for lifelong learning” (live and e-seminar) with the National Learning Institute. Thematically, this program is continuation and elaboration of MIL topics covered by the project and a sequel of project activities. It ensures the sustainability of the concept in educational domain.

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